Our Story

Our Story

An Illinois based company, Garza Roofing Equipment and Supply has over 20 years of experience and relationships in the commercial roofing and safety industry. From our safety division to our commercial equipment, we have the highest quality of products to offer.

Rich and Jennica met while working in the roofing industry four years ago. Together they are utilizing their dedication, strong work ethic, ad industry knowledge to build Garza & Roofing & Supply. Customer relationships and service is top priority for Garza Equipment & Supply – “Remember who loves you!” is our famous tag line!

Rich Garza

Owner and President

Rich Garza is Owner & President of Garza Equipment & Supply. His passion and commitment to the roofing industry lead him to start his own business so he can provide the customer service, competitive pricing and industry knowledge his customers deserve.

Jennica Garza

Vice President

Jennica Garza began her career in the safety industry selling PPE gear to the industrial and commercial industries in the Midwest.   She takes pride in relationship – ensuring customers are equipped with the proper PPE and safety tools to avoid OSHA fines at all times.

“I have been in the Roofing industry for over 20 years! I started my own roofing equipment supply house to better myself and my family, and also do what I know and love. As we all know, owning a small business is a struggle but due to loyalty of my customers, it’s what keeps me going every single day. With out my customers, I’m nothing. I’m passionate on helping customers, providing expert equipment knowledge and being your go to person for industry knowledge. My goal in life is to continuing putting a smile on each and every customer that I see. As my famous saying goes – “Remember who loves you!”