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RM 13hp Honda Single Roof Saw # 490553



Roofmaster power roof saws are made of the highest quality steel components in the industry. All engines are OEM tested and comply with all Federal & State regulations. Our Uni-tracking ability allows the saw to cut in a true straight-line and prevents drifting while cutting. Other saws on the market tend to drift off-line This saw features a 13hp Honda pull-start engine. The frame and handles are ergonomically balanced for less fatigue. Our remote breather helps engine stay cleaner & run cooler by drawing air away from the roof deck. Comes with one 12″ Carbide Tipped Blades (581200) Cutting depth: 0″ to 3.5″ (with 14″ blades)

Item Desc:
RM 13hp Honda Single Roof Saw


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