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The 2000 Hydraulic Swing Hoist comes with a set of additional features:
Maximum capacity of 2,000 lbs. on a single line (with 200ft cable)
Dependable Honda Engine
Powerful Hydraulic System and fingertip control allow precision and ultra smooth load control.
The FIRST hoist on the market that can be set up to swing left or right (Without extra pieces) for almost 35+ years
Detached power unit with 10ft hoses permits the operator to control the hoist in the optimal position.
Safety system is backed by a double brake ensuring maximum protection.
Hoist frame breaks down into 8 pieces for maximum portability (Fits in a freight elevator)
5/16″ hoist cable (meets OSHA requirements).
A solid hoisting device.

System Information and Specs
Engine:20 H.P. Honda<
Electric Motor:
Electric Start:
Power Requirement:
Capacity With 200 ft. Cable:2000 lbs
Cable Capacity Of Winch:500+ ft.
Standard Cable Length:200 ft.
Cable Size:5/16″
Lift Speed:200 FPM
Height Of Swing:153″
Reach Of Swing:60″

*Specifications are subject to change without notice.

Counterweights must always be used on the Hydraulic Swing Hoist when lifting any kind of material or equipment. Minimum one times the weight being lifted is recommended.
Counterweights and Hoist Wheels are NOT included, and must be purchased separately.

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