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Millenium Cyclone Pump Cart



Cyclone Extruder:
Lower Maintenance Costs: Reduce risk of catastrophic pump failure, and reduce costly down time, with the Cyclone’s contained delivery system with clean and free flowing gun and hose design.
Quick and Easy Application: Access connectors and load chemical containers from the front without kneeling or crouching, which minimizes downtime and operator fatigue.
Decreases Labor Costs: Significantly reduces the time and materials needed to adhere rigid insulation and cover boards to structural roof decks, as well as adhering fleece backed single-ply membranes in both new roofing and recover operations.
Easy to Use: Reduce application errors and training time with the Cyclone’s adjustable gun assembly and ergonomic design and minimize the footprint space needed by utilizing the optional generator mount, which allows an on-board generator to be tucked inside of machine frame.
Increased Productivity: Equally dispense a two component 1:1 ratio low viscosity polyurethane adhesive, which allows projects to progress much more quickly than using multiple crews with hand caulking guns.


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