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DuraChute Intake Hopper With Chains #301




DURACHUTE’s™ plastic debris chute intake (or top) hoppers allow access at the top of the chute system. They easily install with the rest of the plastic chute system for easy access to the chute. The large 29? x 28? allows sizable debris passage into the trash chute. This chute hopper is generally used for roof, window or slab access.

Total chute length 4?
Useable length 3’1?
Inside diameter (top) 32?
Tapers to 28? bottom
Galvanized steel intake pan
(NOTE: a minimum total piece count of hoppers and straight sections must total 5, or additional freight/shipping costs may apply)

Additional information
WEIGHT 63 lbs
DIMENSIONS 31 × 29 × 48 in

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