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Guardian 04628 60 Ft. Black Polyester Horizontal Lifeline Kit




Commercial or Residential Applications

Structural Anchor Points
Anchor points must be stiff and capable of supporting a minimum of 3,600 lbs. Anchor
points must also be able to support 3,600 lbs. in all directions of a potential fall.

Anchorage Connectors
Connectors must be capable of holding 5,000 lbs. without breaking. Connectors must be
compatible with the connection point.

Sharp Edges
Fall arrest equipment should always be protected from sharp edges. Sharp
or abrasive edges can cause excessive wear to equipment. If it is necessary to work
around these types of surfaces, always use a wear pad or barrier.


A Temporary, Reusable, 2-Person System Designed for Fall Arrest

  • Black polyester rope
  • SOS carrying/storage bag
  • Two O-Rings
  • Two anchorage web slings (cross arm straps w/pass-thru loop end)
  • Rope tensioner
  • Two self-locking carabiners