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Guardian 10655 CB-18 Weld-On Roof Anchor





The Guardian Fall Protection “CB-18 Weld-On Post” is designed to be welded to an “I” beam. The anchor post functions to extend though roofing so that it is accessible both during and after roof construction, and is compatible for use with SRLs, vertical lifelines, horizontal lifelines, and shock absorbing lanyards. CB Anchors are composed of durable, galvanized steel, and are an excellent choice for nearly any fall protection application.


  • Designed to be welded to an “I” beam
  • Single anchor point
  • Galvanized finish
  • CB-Instructions
  • CB-Tech Sheet
  • FAQ

    Q. What if I don’t meet the decking/substrate requirements of a ¾” CDX plywood or 20 ga. metal?

    A. There are a variety of different methods. You can use 2×4 bracing
    for wood applications or you can lay a 4×4 sheet of wood or decking
    down over the top of the area where anchor points are going to be

    Q. Why?

    A. Anything less than the above substrates will not hold 5,000 lbs.
    which is the requirement for attachment areas. By using 2×4 bracing or
    another sheet of material, screwed securely into the framing members
    (truss or purlins), you are, in essence, making that section of decking
    capable of meeting the 5,000 lb. requirement.

    Q. What is the proper spacing if I want to run the 4 worker horizontal line system?

    A. CB: 12’s thru 18’s: 20ft. on center SKYHOOKS: 16ft. on center

    Q. How many workers does the horizontal cable system hold?

    A. 4 in. FALL RESTRAINT per continuous run of cable; 1 in FALL ARREST per continuous run of cable

    Q. How do I attach the cable system to the anchors? Do I attach to each one?

    A. Terminate the cable on one end by running approx. 2 feet through the
    anchor and clamping it back to the remaining cable with at least 3
    cable clamps. For Skyhooks, run the cable through the large hole, then
    through the small hole, and back through the large hole. * Run the end
    of the cable line through each intermediate anchor (for Skyhook, run
    only through the large diameter hole) * Do not stretch the cable tight!
    Allow 6 to 8″ extra line per 20ft. to allow for slack * When selling
    the line, also add the 2 feet and the slack * The slack absorbs some of
    the impact in a fall

    Q. Can I install a CB-1-B on a flat roof?

    A. No. Because it is a flat anchor with no upright it cannot be
    installed in any waterproof manner. It is intended for vertical

    Q. Can I install a CB-1-W for a permanent application?

    A. ONLY if it is installed as recommended and then given some sort of
    weatherproofing finish. The current unit does not have any weather
    protection and will rust when exposed.