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Guardian FlexaStep Pro 26 in.





Driven by demand for safer work environments in the construction industry, FLEXASTEP products offer several additional uses that no other safety products can offer (such as securing tools, materials, and equipment). Comes in several different sizes, specifically for applications involving roll-up ladders, adjustable platforms, slide guards and ladder locks

  • Not designed for use beyond a 90 degree angle
  • Never place anything between FLEXASTEP and roof to gain height or compensate for uneven surfaces
  • Fasten under shingles and onto the rafters with 2” (minimum) #10 Phillips head steel screws
  • Install as a slide guard to keep material from falling
  • Secure tools and other equipment during use
  • Built in bracket for 2 x 4 to extend from one unit to another, without nailing the 2 x 4 to the roof