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U-Flow Seals



A patented mechanical compression seal used to shorten the PC/PET RetroDrain. Tough nylon flanges and stainless steel screws provide the necessary strength torque to compress the EPDM rubber gasket. The seal is activated by tightening the internal screws with the U-Flow screwdriver. This compresses the thermoplastic seal, forcing it to expand and make contact with the wall of the old pipe, thus preventing vertical movement and stopping water backup damage. This design feature is incorporated in all U-Flow retrofit drain products. Available in 3-in., 4-in., 5-in., and 6-in. sizes.

The U-Flow Screwdriver is an accessory product used in the installation of U-Flow products. The extra long screwdriver is fitted with a square socket tip (#2 Robertson) for tightening the special recess head screws on the U-Flow compression seals. The 12 1⁄2-in. shaft of the screwdriver ensures ease of reach when tightening the U-Flow Seal connection screws on all U-Flow retrofit products. The U-Flow screwdriver comes complete with a loss prevention bar.

Features & Benefits

  • Extra wide, 14-in. base flange for easy installation.
  • Dual Lok & Grip ridges hold molded EPDM caps securely in place.
  • One piece, 16-gauge spun aluminum body provides strength and durability for long-term performance.
  • Rubber caps outperform pitch pockets by handling vibration and pipe movement without cracking.
  • Can be used to flash single pipes or clusters of up to four pipes.
  • Easy to install and maintenance free.
  • Available with black and white caps.