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Product Details
Product Name: V-Manifold
Order Quantity: Each
Includes: V-Manifold on handle, drill bit, fittings
Description: The patented V-Manifold is
constructed with simple, straight flow paths to
allow a free-flowing stream of liquid components
for 2-part adhesive application with less down
time. 12” drill bit quickly removes clogs.
Product Benefits
• Reliable flow and simple design
• Strong, durable construction
• Comfortable forearm cuff allows for ease
of use
• Lighter weight reduces operator fatigue
• The Standard features a molded urethane
body and anodized steel threads
• The Premium features an anodized
aluminum body and thread; two Zerk
grease fittings
• Yoke handle simultaneously opens both
• Compatible with: Cyclone; Pace Cart.
Patriot Jr

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