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How do you get your trash off a high rise building safely?  Maybe you don’t have a high rise building but a smaller building? A chute system is the way to go! A slopping channel, that looks like a fun slide but built for conveying things to a lower level.  This system is great for roofers. Scaffolding, general contractors, and construction companies.

Durachute system was designed to handle light-duty construction, roofing, and or light renovation work.  Duraflat Chute is a flat chute system designed to store and transport flat.  It’s primary use is light roofing and renovation work.

Not only will Garza Supply get you chutes BUT we will help assist in assembling the Chute system, if needed.  Here is some information on the DURACHUTE:

  • Larger, 32″ Inside Diameter, Thicker, More Resilient HDPE, Complete System forYour Every Need:Window/Parapet Outrigger. Scaffold Outrigger, Flat Roof Outrigger, No Touch’ Parapet Outrigger
  • Pitched Roof Outrigger, Safe, Easy, And Quick to Install
  • Pays for Itself In 2 To 3 Uses
  • Extremely Flexible System
  • Can Be Used For:Roofing, Renovation, New Construction
  • Special Applications like; Snow Removal & Landscaping
  • Hardware Is Galvanized
  • Sections Are Telescopic, For Ease of Storage AndTransport
  • Each section is around 4’ tall with 3’ 1” of usable chute length
  • Sections weigh 37LBS
  • Top opening of 32” tapers to 27”
  • Intermediate Intakes withSafety Flaps that Can Be EasilyPlaced Anywhere AlongChute
  • Chains are Adjustable toMeet Your Building Floors, Height Requirements, Thicker High Impact Areasfor Added Durability
  • Company BrandingAvailable
  • Fire Retardant

In conclusion, after reading the many benefits of a chute system, why be that business that removes garbage by hand or thrown off the roof? Throwing garbage off the roof is not only dangerous for those around you, your own workers BUT it will cause an OSHA violation.  There are many benefits that can be derived from having and using a trash chute on your jobsites.  Contact us today for your CHUTE System, questions, concerns and more!  So shoot to your phone, or shoot us an e-mail for all your roofing/construction CHUTE needs! Remember who loves you!


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