Are your products always in stock?

Our answer is usually yes. If it’s not in stock, we strive for a 2-3 day lead time.

What is your price?

We offer the best pricing we can and are always competitive, but not always be the cheapest.

Are your products American made?

Majority of our products are American made.  We strive to support our economy.

Do products meet OSHA standards?

All products meet OSHA standards. We will get you the appropriate answer on OSHA depending on what product.

Can you deliver?

Yes, we can deliver to shop or jobsite.

Do you sell used equipment?

Yes. Call us to see what is available.

Do you rent equipment?


Do you fix equipment?

Yes. We fix equipment, small engines, generators, screw guns, heat welding equipment, and more.

What are your hours?

Monday-Friday 7-4

Do you have a catalogue?

Yes, please contact us to send you one or you can download catalogue at www.garzasupply.com

Do you have specials?

Yes. We notify our customers when specials are available.

Do you have information in Spanish?

We will be getting our product information in both English and Spanish. We are working on it now.