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Anyone walking on a roof and sees an open whole, should know this needs to be marked and safely protected. However, skylights are less obvious. Where the drop still exists, there is now a glass or plastic covering and separating the individual from the whole. This may lead to a false sense of security. However, the reality is glass and plastic break, and are not really protecting you from the real hazard.Most skylights are not designed to be structural. Meaning the manufacturer is not anticipating your body weight striking or leaning on their product. They are designed to let in natural light without letting in water and debris from the outside.There are a number of benefits that the roof skylights provide. They can significantly help you to reduce the energy costs. The daylight that they let in can positively affect the physiological and psychological well-being of people working inside a building. However, they can be a major fall hazard and cost your company who is doing the roof a lot of money and put your workers at harm.

OSHA identifies for 4 types of fall protection for protecting your skylights:

  1. Covers
  2. Guardrails systems
  3. Travel restraint systems
  4. Personal fall arrest systems

Why not look into the Eagle Industries Safety nets?  After reviewing the rest of the blog, please watch our VIDEO and read the attached PDF link. These skylight safety nets are light weight, OSHA compliant, bright ORANGE, easy to carry, easy to store, easy to have in every service truck and very easy to assemble!  Plus, they are very cost effective.  It’s really a no brainer!

Skylight Safety Nets are made of high tenacity 4″ polypropylene knotless nets.They are used during new construction, renovation, and maintenance roof work as a form of personnel fall protection where skylights are present. The Skylight Safety Net is designed to keep personnel from falling through an opening that is either not properly secured with a hardcover or is otherwise a temporarily unprotected roof opening. The nets fit over a raised rectangular skylight or hatch opening to which a 1.5″ Web ratchedstrap can be sinched to the size of the opening.

**Dynamic drop test refers to the average strength of the netting as a whole under adynamic load. Rating is the force of the impact calculated from the weight of the load, height of the dropand reflection, or sag of the net under load.**


  • Personnel Fall Protection
    • Skylight/Hatch Opening Cover
    • Solar Panel Installation Protection
    • New Roof Construction
    • Roof Renovation
    • Roof Maintenance 


  • High tenacity polypropylene knotless net (HTTP)
    • Includes green web strapping & ratchet strap
    • Net Size: 10′ x 10′
    • Mesh Size: 4” inch square
    • Cord Diameter: 3/16” inch
    • Complies to OSHA 1910.28
    • Dynamic drop test: 7,000 ft-lbs.
    • Color: Bright Safety Orange
    • Border: Reinforced with rope border edges
    • Melting Point: 320° F


  • Provides safety fall protection for workers during roof skylight installation and maintenance work
    • Custom sizes available
    • Made in USA

Stay OSHA compliant, stay safe, stay ahead of OSHA, keep your workers safe and call us today!

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Skylight Safety Nets

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