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A cheap red gas can you purchased at a convenience store; can you legally use it on your jobsite? The answer is NO.  Read on to find out how to avoid OSHA fines by using the proper gas cans.

OSHA Standard 29 CFR 1926.152 (a)(1) states “Only approved containers and portable tanks shall be used for storage and handling of flammable and consumable liquids.Approved safety cans or Department of Transportation approved containers shall be used for the handling and use of flammable liquids in quantities of 5 gallons or less, except that this shall not apply to those flammable liquid materials which are highly viscid (extremely hard to pour), which may be used and handled in original shipping containers. For quantities of one gallon or less, the original container may be used, for storage, use and handling of flammable liquids.”

Let’s break this down…

  • All flammable liquids must be kept in quantities of 5 gallons or less, but if the flammable materials are hard to pour, they can be kept in their original container and quantity. Amounts over 25 gallons should not be kept at the jobsite, unless they are stored in a place specific for the purpose of storing that specific material. (1926.152(b))
  • All containers must be approved, which means the “equipment that has been listed or approved by a nationally recognized testing laboratory such as Factory Mutual Engineering Corp., or Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc., or Federal agencies such as Bureau of Mines, or U.S. Coast Guard, which issue approvals for such equipment”. (1926.155 (a))
  • All approved containers must have a flash arresting screen. A flash arresting screen prevents the fuel inside the can from combusting if it is exposed to fire. The screen will stop the fire before it reaches the flammable liquid inside. (1926.155 (i))
  • Approved cans must also be properly sealed with a spring-closing lid, a spout that closes automatically, a child proof cap, and a vent to release pressure and minimal vapor inside of the container. (1926.155 (l))
  • Make sure you are storing your containers in a safe place. They should not be kept in places used “for exists, stairways, or normally used for the passage of people” (1926.152 (b))

We can help you with your gas cans.  Call us today for your metal gas can.  Stay safe, and stay a head of OSHA.

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