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There is no job too small or too big, for all your TPO, PVC, Modified jobs.  From your detailed work, to your long seam welding, we have the proper tools you need.  These tools are made for single ply roofing, plastic welding, floor welding, geo membrane welding, and for many other plastic and fabrication industries.

Hand held heat guns are great for doing detail work.  Compact and lightweight, these heat gunssimplify seam bonding in corners, around equipment protrusions, and in other tight, hard-to-weld areas. The unit fits comfortably in your hand and is available with a variety of nozzle tips to weld virtually any type of material.

Garza Supply offers a few brands in the heat welding sector.  The reason being is we want to make sure we have a large offering for all our customers.We carry Zonda tools, BAK, Eagle industries, SIEVERT and our own personal heat welding gun.  But we can fix ANY brand of heat welding equipment and also get parts for ANY brand of heat welding equipment.  If your machines need servicing or repair, we can do this for you. If your device needs parts, we got your covered. We pride ourselves in the quality of our equipment.  We will train you and your crews and make sure your comfortable with your purchase.

Call us today for any of your questions, concerns or orders.  Remember who loves you…!

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