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An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest Benjamin Franklin.

You asked, what makes Garza Supply different from the competitors?  So were answering KNOWLEDGE, SERVICE, RELATIONSHIPS.

Knowledge,is a key factor in any industry.  It’s based on acquirement over the years of knowledge from learning and experience.  Garza Supply has 20 plus years of knowledge in the industry. This has led to the understanding of customers’ needs and critical/in depth product information. Rich at Garza Supply, started learning at very young ageand has successfully learned about the roofing industry, particularly the commercial/equipment end.  He did so by asking questions, working hands on with all manufacture equipment and understanding the do’s and don’ts. I, Jennica am learning every day from Rich and our customers. Majority of my time is spent on office administration, but I’m here to help in anyway.  As customer service is my first priority. Therefore,I will answercalls, texts, and emails promptly.  If I don’t know the answer, I will work diligently to get you the answer in a timely manner.

Service, is a vital role for Garza Supply.  We strive on answering our customers back at a reasonable time. We stand behind our product one hundred percent and most importantly, we love what we do! We offertrainings, customer set ups, demos and more. We love our customers and do our best to always be in a positive mood.  We drop ship directly to your warehouse/ jobsite or we personally deliver to jobsite/warehouse.  Garza Supply, offers various promotions through out the year. We are a minority owned enterprise and are members of the IHCC and CRCA.

Relationship- as our famous saying goes Remember…who loves you!  We truly stand behind these words and love each and everyone of our customers. Word of mouth is an amazing form of free marketing and we thank all of you for the help.  As another one of our famous saying goes It takes a village to grow a village.  We hope you feel our love and passion for you and the business.

In conclusion, I hope this read finds you well.  When asked the question, we wanted to make sure our customers and potential new customers understand what we believe in and feel separates us from our competitors. Which lead to our first blog.  Thank you to those who have liked us on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM.  We also, love to hear from any of you. If you like to provide positive or constructive feedback to us, please do!  You can do so by e-mailing us at or  We can only strive to improve with the help from you.

Thank you and wishing you and your families a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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