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Contractors across the country rely on Lucas brand coatings, sealants, and adhesives for their superior weathering properties and versatility. Lucas Co is committed to providing professional contractors with products that allow them to do the highest quality work in a timely manor. Lucas… Done Right!


R.M. Lucas manufactures coatings for roofs, walls, pavement and below grade applications. For over 100 years we have produced everything from asphalt materials to the most advance modern moisture-cure and reactive formulas. Lucas provides solutions from waterproofing to improved energy efficiency for all types of construction.


R.M. Lucas supplies a variety of dampproofing and waterproofing products from asphalt cutbacks and emulsions to elastomeric fluid applied waterproofing and advanced moisture cure membranes and joint sealants.

Caulks & Sealants

R.M. Lucas offers a variety of commercial moisture cure sealants on the cutting edge of urethane sealant technology (#9600). With the ability to adhere to wet or underwater surfaces and a high movement capability, Lucas moisture cure sealants can be applied on almost any surface.

We also carry a line of residential solvent-based sealants which offer excellent adhesion to most surfaces including wood, glass, concrete and gutters. This line includes gutter sealants made from rubber (#5600), thermoplastic elastomers (#6600) or terpolymer (#6700).

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