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Eterno Adjustable Pedestal Paver Supports SE5 6.75″ – 8.5″




SE5 Eterno Adjustable Pedestal supports are available to adjust from 6.75″ to 8.5”. it’s unique self leveling head compensates gradients up to 5% and the unique adjustment key allows the installer to level and adjust the support without removing the Paver. Both Unique features save labor costs and reduce the risk of possible injuries from continuous lifting of the concrete paver.

MRP Supports lead the industry in terms of quality and features. Whether you are working with heavy concrete pavers, light tiles, wood joists/planks, or marble tiles. You can count on these supports to get the job done

Eterno 3-in-1 Flyer

Head Installation Instructions


– Bi-Component Head: Features a unique laying surface with soft rubber Anti-Nose and Anti-Slip material

– Self Leveling Head: Allows the head to compensate any gradient up 5% that reduces time needed to create a perfectly flat surface

– Coupling Head: This new coupling head is used to screw attachment system that locks the head into the threaded support

– Pre-Cut Tabs: For easy removal when tabs need to be removed per job situations. Tabs are removed for corner situations

Block System: Indicates to the installer when unit has reached it’s maximum height adjustment. Cut out also allows block system to be released if required to separate threaded support from base

 Base Pre-Cut Lines: Base bottom with Pre-cut lines for easy and precise cuts when needed for corner placement situations