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Guardian 00440 T-T Boss Anchor Kit – Grey





The Guardian Fall Protection “T-T Boss Anchor Kit” is used for fall arrest or fall restraint. The product comes with environmental safe aluminum flashing with vulcanized EPDM. The included cap is made of Luran-S which is highly durable and designed not to blow off. No fasteners can penetrate the top sheathing of this product. The included anchor can be put on the truss while the truss is on the ground. The hassle free flashing design makes this product extremely easy to install and allows for it to absorb energy in a fall registering impact forces below 900 pounds. The anchor is supplied with all the necessary fasteners.


  • Used for fall arrest or fall restraint
  • Does not penetrate the top sheathing
  • Comes with environmentally safe flashing
  • Fasteners included
  • Hassle free flashing design making it extremely easy to install
  • Unique design absorbs energy in a fall registering impact forces below 900 lbs.
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