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Guardian 00691 4-Way Plate Anchor




Supports 1 Worker in Fall Arrest or 2 Workers in Fall Restraint

  • Material: 100% 1/4″ Hot Rolled Steel
  • When used in combination with a horizontal lifeline system, can support 2 workers in Fall Arrest or 4 workers in Fall Restraint
  • 4 connection points greatly increase the potential working range, as a worker could detach from a connection point, reattach to the opposite connection point, and be able to work in Fall Arrest or Restraint on the other side of a building, all from the same anchor
  • 90 degree angles between connection points also make the 4-Way Plate Anchor a perfect rooftop corner joint for horizontal lifeline systems
  • Fasteners Requirements (not included)

    Wood Application:

  • (20) #14-10 2″ Wood Screws (search for part # GUA-00668)
  • Metal Application:

  • (20) #14-10 2″ Metal Screws (search for part # GUA-00669)
  • Concrete Application:

  • (4) 1/2″ Threaded ROD assemblies, or (4) compatible fasteners
  • Concrete fasteners must be selected by a competent person