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Guardian 10950 10 ft. Yellow Jacket Cable Self Retracting Lifeline




The Guardian Fall Protection “Yellow Jacket Cable Retractable” is a lifeline system that offers a compact and lightweight design. The Yellow Jacket Retractable has been machined and fabricated specifically to reduce the weight of the retractable, making it small and compact making it easier to handle. This product is composed of stainless steel and non-corrosive internal components that are protected via its durable ABS reinforced housing. The proprietary ABS housing is supported by an inside steel brace which increases the overall durability of this lightweight retractable. The retractable possesses a high strength composite cable guide and quick-action braking system, and so, meets or exceeds all OSHA and ANSI standards. The interior brake body is specifically designed to reduce the amount of debris that enters the braking mechanism and helps protect the deceleration components. This product comes with a swivel top and carabiner. This retractable lifeline is fully repairable and manufactured in the USA. The heavy duty version includes an attached shock pack.


  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Durable ABS reinforced housing
  • High strength composite cable guide
  • Stainless steel and non-corrosive internal components
  • Quick-action braking system
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