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Kirby Fiberglass Applicator Brush 24 in.




Superior performance whether you are applying hot or cold material.

HOT Application Advantages:

  • Reusable one brush replaces several squeegees.
  • Reheats quickly for multiple days of use.
  • Heat resistant fibers withstand temperatures over 1350 degrees.
  • Glides over fabric keeping material in place.
  • Quicker application/time saver.
  • Minimizes wrinkles that might form in fabric layers.

Upgrade from a squeegee to the new Kirby Applicator brush. Making hot rubber waterproofing application quicker and easier.

COLD Application Advantages:

  • Reusable for multiple days and applications.
  • Ideal for coating valley areas and other detail work.
  • Consistent and even coverage over both granulated and ridged surfaces.
  • One brush replaces several rollers.

The unique design of densley packed fiberglass bristles in this brush makes it the optimum choice for coating application. Coating material is applied evenly with consistent coverage over alltypes of roof surfaces and valleys with less effort and repetition than a roller. Works well with aluminum and elastomerics, plus much more.