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Oil-Flo Safety Solvent – Gallon




Oil-Flo is a unique water-soluble liquid that dissolves most organic stains and materials such as Asphalt, tar, crude oil and refined oils. This allows a final clean up with water. Use Oil-Flo for routine cleaning of equipment, vehicles, applicators, spreader bars, nozzles, tools, lab benches, floors, clothes dryers, clothing, etc. Oil-Flo is ideal for fixing problems caused by over spray, tracking, disconnect spills, line breaks, tank spillover or other accidents that occur on the jobsite or in transporting materials.

Oil-Flo can also be used to dissolve asphalt cement from aggregate for lab and field testing of a asphalt concrete. No heating is required.

Use Oil-Flo on most washable surfaces including: Concrete, wood, metal, stone, glass, masonry, ceramic, vinyl siding, and lots more. Even carpet and fabrics. Oil-Flo is an essential product for every contractor, equipment yard, producer or shop.

Some Application Methods:

  • Pour
  • Wipe or Blot
  • Soak
  • Spray
  • Brush