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Parapet Wall and Slab Gripper #65015


The Parapet Wall and Slab Grabber Universal Guardrail System by Tie Down Safety offer a 2-in-1 safety guardrail system that is attached to both concrete roof slabs and parapet walls. This easy-to-install system works on exposed floors, walkways, decks, parapet walls, or wherever you need a safety guardrail system. Tie Down Safety maintains high standards and quality control through quality raw materials and components made in the USA.

Lightweight And Portable • Easy and Quick Attachment Of 2’ X 4’ With Adjustable Rail Brackets • Fits Up To 36” Slab • Fits Up To 19.75” Parapet Walls • Maximum Spacing Of 8’ • Toe Board Bracket Installed • 2 Per Master Carton • Meets Compliance: OSHA 1926.502 • ANSI/ASSE Z359.6-2009(D) And CSA Z259 • Product Weight: 13 Lbs.