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powerblanket 5 gallon Drum Heater Pro with Thermostatic Controller




Bucket & pail heater sized for 5 gallon (and smaller) buckets, pails, and tubs. The built-in thermostat of 100° F regulates temperature and keeps bucket liquids and materials at a consistent 100°. Simply roll it out, wrap it around the bucket, plug it in, and powerblanket brings liquids and materials to desired temperatures FAST. Easy to use, safe, and less expensive than alternative methods of heating and warming. See our full line of bucket and barrel heaters and discover why powerblanket has become contractor’s #1 choice for construction heating, thawing, warming, and curing. Never let cold weather slow you down again. Get powerblanket!


Size : 5 Gallon 

Dimensions : 16″ x 47″ 

Temp : 100° F Includes Rapid Ramp Technology 

Weight : 4 Lbs 

Min allowable temp for Guaranteed Results : – 40° F 

Voltage : 120 volts 

Power : 60/120 watts 

Current : 0.50/1.00amps 

UL/CSA : ETL Certified to UL / CSA Standards