Universal NFL Aluminum Feltmaster #514020


The #1 selling NFL aluminum feltmaster! All aluminum construction for light weight. Switch from 36″ to 40″ quickly. Use 5 or 7 square goods at a single pass. Includes control to apply a brake to one wheel while lifting the lower paper roller for easy threading of paper. Adjustable valve to be able to vary the amount of hot delivered to the deck. Asphalt valve at the rear so that the operator can watch for voids to eliminate potential leaks. Lids seal with silicone gasket to help reduce spilled asphalt. Note: Make sure there is a spotter to broom in the felt and observe the path of the operator in case of an unguarded skylite or roof edge. This unit has Non-Flat Lite tires for less maintenance.


Item #: 514020
Item Desc: Univeral NFL Alum Feltmaster
Item Desc 2: with Non-Flat Lite tires
Weight: 146.000