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Zurn Z100 Deck Plate




  • No underdeck clamp required
  • Serves purpose of roof sump receiver
  • Can be pre-assembled to drain body, great for pre-fab applications

It’s Fast – Contractor can install roof drain in half the time as conventional methods … a superior method of installation using a bolt down system that secures roof drain assembly integrally to roof deck.

It’s Secure – Unique design combines traditional roof sump receiver with deck clamp to provide a more secure, long lasting installation of the roof drain. Available for all main roof drain sizes – Z100 (15?), Z121(12?), Z125 (8?)

It’s Safe – Contractor can install roof drain from top of roof eliminating costly and dangerous assembly of components from the underside of the the roof deck, leaving the pipe connection as the only remaining task from under the roof deck.

The Zurn TOP-SET® Roof Drain Deck Plate (catalog option -DP) features ease of installation, allowing the installer to move
onto more projects sooner. The TOP-SET® Deck Plate allows for the entire roof drain assembly to be installed from the
topside of the roof. Separate underdeck clamps and roof-sump receivers are no longer necessary … the deck plate acts
as both. Only the pipe connection is completed from the underside of the roof.

Zurn manufactures three different size (-DP) deck plates for a trouble-free fit for all [8″, 12″ and 15″] diameter Zurn drains.
The deck plate also includes strategically placed slots allowing versatile securing arrangements to various roof decks. The
deck plate is constructed of 14-gauge steel with a corrosive resistant finish.