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A roof perimeter line system is a passive fall protection system. The federal government’s fall protection laws (29CFR 1926.501-502) allow for several fall protection systems on roofs with slopes of 4:12 or less. These warning lines creates a visual cue and serve as a barrier to restrict workers from approaching the edge of a roof or hazards. Warning line systems are inexpensive, keeps workers safe & roof companies in compliance.  Roofing warning line systems are method of fall protection for roofers.  Construction companies must meet OSHA requirements 29 C.F.R when warning lines are used to protect roofers from falling, set up is as follows:

  • Flagged at not more than 6-foot intervals with high visibility material.
  • Supported so that the lowest point is not less than 34” from walking & working surfaces & highest point is no more than 39”
  • Stanchions with warning lines shall be capable of resisting, without tipping over
  • Warning lines are to be erected around all the sides of the roof that is in a work area. When mechanical equipment is being used, the warning line needs to be erected not less than 6 feet from the edge of the room.  This needs to be parallel to the direction of mechanical equipment operation, and not less than 10 feet from the roof edge perpendicular to the direction of mechanical equipment operation
  • When Mechanical equipment is not in use, the warning line cannot be less than 6’ from the roof edge.

There are 3 options for leading edge protection.  Safety Guardrails, perimeter systems, and Visual warning.

Safety Guardrails must withstand a minimum 200LB force and sometimes also require toe boards.  This application requires the least amount of employee training and inspection.

Perimeter systems clamp on perimeter systems and allow edge to edge protection without fall restraint.  This system is used when a parapet or slab edge is present.  This system sets up quickly.  Very minimumamount of training and inspection is needed for this type of safety perimeter set up.

Visual Warning is a warning line system must be 6 feet from roofing contractors and 15 feet from a hazard.  You need a 39’ diverter cone and 30lb base.  With OSHA pennant 100’ safety color flags.

Remember, keep your rooftops properly marked,stay ahead of OSHA& Safety First!

Oh,and Remember, who loves you!

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