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The T-Joint Patch tool is a great tool for making 4¼“ round T-Patches.  What are the T-patches used for? The corners of your TPO, EPDM, Modified, and PVC Roofs.  Often when roofers lay a roof down, the corners need T-Patches.  To solve the problem companies, buy these from material stores already precut.  The t-patches come in a box with around 100 pre maid circles, with an average cost of a 1.00 each.  This tool will save you money and here is why:

  1. You now can utilize your own material instead of purchasing t-joints
  2. Your service crew can now carry this on every jobsite and make their own on the spot. They will also, have an accurate cut each time.
  3. Often times the crew leaves the job to grab the T-patches. Now they can make their very own on the spot, which therefore is cost effective.
  4. Easy to use and operate. Plus, cuts very fast and can make 45-50 cuts in a minute. (watch video below)
  5. Minor assembly required-installation consists of one utility knife straight blade and a half inch drill

This is also a great winter project for your workers in the winter. They can start making cuts and prepare for the upcoming busy season.  For those of you that want perfection on your jobs, use the T-Joint patch cutter to have a 4 ¼” cut every time.  This tool is not only American made but locally made here in Chicago!  We thought this was a great invention and great bang for your buck!  Watch the video to see how easy this tool is to use and how fast it makes these patches.  Call us today for you T-Joint Patch Tool.    Remember who loves you!

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