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BAK LiiOn – Battery Powered Heat Gun #6600434




With this new battery powered heat gun, no need to worry about bringing an industrial generator anymore. This eliminates bringing gasoline and line cords on the roof, for safety reasons. You are no longer depending on having electricity on the construction site. The BAK LiiOn hand welder is able to weld all kinds of thermoplastic materials including TPO and PVC welding, for roofing, flooring, tarps, plastic fabricating, and much more. It is best for quick welds.

This battery heat gun is easy to use because of the traditional design and also features the following:

Long-running time (45min on the highest temperature)
Backpack system for safe climbing of ladders-3 points of contact which is OSHA compliant.
Special plugs to make sure only LiiOn is connected to the battery, not other tools.
Alert signal when the heater is no longer heating, giving the user time to end his weld.
Constant airflow to permit cooling even after the welder has ceased heating for cool down.
Charging station that can charge with either 120 or 230V.
High power for efficient welds
10? power cord
In addition, this included BAK backpack is convenient to store your battery, charger, accessories, and of course your new LiiOn heat gun.

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