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Sievert 3380-93 Portable Soldering Kit





This convenient, hand-held soldering iron is powered by a gas canister
in the handle. No tanks, hoses or electrical wires are needed. It comes
with a deluxe sheet metal carrying case that holds the iron and two
canisters. 9.1 inches long overall.

Kit Components

  • Sievert Soldering Iron, auto piezo ignition
  • (2) Ultragas cartridges
  • #7002-50 / 8 oz. Copper Hammer Bit
  • Metal carrying case with (2) jet orifices
  • Technical Specs

  • Also takes the 12 oz. Copper Hammer Bit #7003-50 or the 12 oz. Long Life Copper Bit
  • Gas canisters last about an hour
  • Gas is a blend of Propane, Butane, Acetone & Propene