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Guardian 00815 Bucket of Safety Tie Roofing Kit



Lightweight, Universal Fit Full Body Harness (Guardian #01101):
·   Features our Impact Indicator tag that deploys if the harness has been involved in a fall
·  5 Points of adjustment for added comfort
·   Pass-Through/Mating Buckle
·  Want to upgrade to a tongue buckle harness? Try our roofing kit w/upgraded harness.
 Reusable Roof Anchor with Attachment D-Ring (Guardian #00455):

·  Easily installs on any pitched or flat surface roofs with screws included
·  Once job is complete, remove the reusable roof anchor to use on the next job
 Compact Rope Grab (Guardian #01520):
·   Component should not be removed from the rope, but can be installed on any replacement lifeline
·  Fits 5/8" or 1/2" safety ropes 
·   Squeeze to move positioning device, locks automatically 
·  Want a kit w/an upgraded rope grab? Try our premium roofing kit.
 High-Strength Rope Lifeline with Shock Pack (Guardian #01320):
·   5/8" X 50 ft. diameter lifeline. Rope is specially made for durability. Will not kink or twist like other ropes
 Waterproof Container:
·  Easy to haul bucket, ideal for equipment storage, keeps your crew in compliance 
·  Want your roofing kit in a bag? Try our roofing kit w/bag.
·Guardian Bucket of Safety Instructions