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Guardian 11329 Polydac Lifeline – 25 ft.




The Guardian Fall Protection Polydac Rope with Snaphook End is one of the strongest conventional ropes available today. It is 100% resistant to rot and mildew, even if stored when wet, and has excellent resistance to alkalis and most solvents. It also provides good protection against abrasion, and has a melting point of over 300 degrees. Polydac Rope has a working load elongation of 8%, and absorbs more energy than any other type of rope available on the market—12 times as much as Manila and 50% more than polyester. This rope is available in a variety of lengths from 25 to 200 feet

Features :

  • 3 strand Polydac rope
  • 100% resistant to rot or mildew even if stored wet
    Provides good abrasion protection
    Rope has a melting point of over 300 degrees