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powerblanket BH15-Pro 15 gallon Drum Heater Pro Series




Why Powerblanket?

Drum heaters have long been utilized in chemical storage to regulate the temperatures of the products stored within 15 gallon barrels. Barrel warmers and heaters prevent costly freezing or and products from becoming too viscous. Most chemical products are very expensive, and could result in an enormous financial loss if not properly cared for. Powerblanket’s, 15 gallon BH15-PRO barrel heater and warmer offers you the chance to maintain a consistent internal temperature within your chemical products while using less energy than traditional drum heaters. 

Features :

  • Adjustable Thermostatic Controller
  • Heats from ambient temperatures up to 145º F
  • Greenheat Technology™ spreads heat evenly
  • Uses only 400 watt output to reach maximum temperatures

Benefits :

  • Save money by eliminating product waste
  • Keeps material stored at optimal temperatures
  • Increase shelf life of chemicals, spray foam, or food
  • Can be used in multiple applications because of adjustable thermostat