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powerblanket BH30-Pro 30 gallon Drum Heater Pro Series




Why Powerblanket?

The task of finding an effective and yet cost-effective way to regulate the temperatures of chemical products and avoid freezing has long vexed those working in chemical storage. Traditional band style drum heaters can heat the materials inside of traditional 30 gallon barrels, yet their design concentrates the heat in one area, so a great deal of energy is required to maintain desired temperatures throughout. The BH30-PRO offers users faster heating times that requires less energy than traditional band drum or barrel heaters.

Features :

  • Adjustable Thermostatic Controller
  • Heats from ambient temperatures up to 145º F
  • Greenheat Technology™ spread heat evenly
  • Uses only 720 watt output to reach maximum temperatures

Benefits :

  • Save money by eliminating product waste
  • Increase shelf life of chemicals, spray foam, or food
  • Can be used in multiple applications because of adjustable thermostat