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Many buildings have fixed ladders attached to the outside of the building for roof access. These ladder access points must be guarded against falls at the roof level. Safety Rail Company offers several ways to provide fall protection for fixed ladders. Examples here and here. When using the SRC Mobile Railing System, we offer yet another option — an Integrated Gate Frame, used in conjunction with the railing system, or used independently as a stand-alone fall protection device.

When to Use the SRC Integrated Gate Frame Kit at Fixed Ladder Access Points:
Because the Integrated Gate Frame is a structural gate frame, no outrigger railings are required at the ladder access point. The system relies on the adjacent railings of the SRC Mobile Railing System to form a unified fall protection barrier, providing the same load rating as all the other railings in the Mobile Railing installation.
An added benefit is that the self-closing swing gate is mounted on the gate frame instead of on the ladder itself. This allows the worker to safely step off the ladder before engaging the gate, rather than trying to hold onto the ladder and open the gate at the same time. Grab bars also connect the gate frame to the fixed ladder to close off any gap between the railing system and the ladder, thereby providing 100% fall protection.