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Safety Gator Mobile Fall Protection Cart #SG-000-09-ASM





Fall Restraint System

Are you seeking a reliable and efficient way to ensure the safety of your workers on steep slopes? Look no further than the Safety Gator™, our original and innovative solution for fall protection in challenging terrain. This versatile and practical system is designed to make your job easier and safer.

Key Features:

Narrow Design: The Safety Gator™ is engineered to be narrow enough to effortlessly pass through most standard fence gates. This means you can access tight and restricted work areas with ease, without compromising on safety.

Fall Restraint for Six Workers: Safety is our top priority, and the Safety Gator™ reflects that commitment. Once fully filled with water, it can support the fall restraint needs of up to six workers simultaneously. Protect your crew and keep them safe while they focus on their tasks.

Ridge Line Guide: Tangled lines can be a significant safety hazard. That’s why the Safety Gator™ comes equipped with a ridge line guide. This feature ensures that individual lines remain tangle-free, allowing for smooth and reliable fall restraint systems.

Effortless Cleanup: When your project is completed, cleanup is a breeze. Simply release the water flow valve, and the unit will drain quickly. This efficient process means you can pack up and move on to your next job without delay.

The Safety Gator™ is your all-in-one solution for steep slope fall protection. It combines practicality, safety, and ease of use, making it an invaluable addition to your equipment lineup.

Invest in the Safety Gator™ today and experience enhanced safety and productivity on your projects. Your team’s well-being is our priority, and the Safety Gator™ delivers the protection you need on steep slopes, ensuring peace of mind and efficient operations.


Recommended Surfaces
Roof Surfaces 2:12 slope or less
Ground Bare Ground, Grass & Lawns, Gravel & Concrete
Height: 39″
Width: 30″
Length: 64″ (99″ with handle attached)
Operational Dimensions
Width: 50”
Length: 68” (99″ with handle attached)
Dry Weight: 410 Pounds
Operational Weight: 1490 Pounds
Solid Polyurethane 18×8.5×8 flat free tires, needle bearings with grease zerks
Tank Capacity
145 Gallons
Brake System
Manual—Dual Self Locking Pins.
Lid Opening
13 ¾” x 13 ¾”
Fall Protection Standards
1926.502 (D) Fall Arrest Anchor
6 Man Fall Restraint
Approved Surfaces

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