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5″ Tubos #5INCHTUBOS




TUBOS® are prefabricated plumbing vent pipe extensions.
User friendly plumbing vent pipe extensions to be installed
at any location where the plumbing vent pipe height above
the existing level of the finished roof system surface does
not or will not comply with applicable building code
minimum requirements.
Ease of Installation: No special tools are required to size
and install TUBOS® securely into openings of existing
plumbing vent pipes. Standard hand tools (tape
measure, manual or portable battery powered saw,
caulk gun) are all that is needed for installation.
Design Simplicity: TUBOS® are manufactured for use
with standard diameter vent pipes. TUBOS® are
prefabricated with integral six-inch long pipe joint splice
sleeve inserts at each end of every unit.

Economical: Each TUBOS® can be used for two
installations. After one end of the TUBOS® is cut and
installed, the opposite end can be retained for future
installation at another pipe of the same diameter. No
fabrication time and minimal installation labor lets you
quickly get on with your project.
Overall Length Including Splice Sleeve Inserts = 28-inches.
Net Usable Length of Pipe Extension Excluding Splice
Sleeve Inserts = 16-inches
Splice Sleeve Insert Lengths = 6-inches. One (1) each at
both ends of TUBOS® unit).

5-inch 4-1/4 inch 3-3/4 inch

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