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Guardian 00455 Temper Reusable Roof Peak Anchor





For use on roofs from flat to 12/12 pitch, wood or metal. 5000 lb. anchor point. Fasteners included. Tested and approved for metal roofing applications, minimum 20 gauge metal or thicker, attached directly onto the surface. For metal installation: use (16) screws (8 per side), 6 in center column of fastener installation holes, in 1 hole left of center and 1 hole right of center. Guardian recommends HILTI Kwik-Pro self-drilling screws.


Q. Can I use the temper anchor with nails?

A. Yes. Temper can be installed using 16d (16 penny) galvanized, or duplex (double headed) nails. However, when in less than a 4/12 roof pitch steepness, the worker MUST be in fall restraint instead of fall arrest.

Q. Why?

A. The 2″ screws have adequate holding power no matter what the pitch, but nails lose holding power compared to the screws depending on how flat the anchor is. In the 12/12 pitch angle the nails actually pull against on another at an angle, whereas when the anchor is flat they simply pull out all in the same direction. Double headed nails are an advantage because they are easier to pull out and don’t require a screw gun.

Q. Can I install the temper on a flat roof if I’m using nails?

A. Yes. But you must be set up in a fall restraint situation when using nails instead of the screws. Fall restraint actually restrains the worker from leaving the edge of the building. (ie. dog tied up so it can’t actually run out in the road even if it wanted to).

Q. Do I have to buy the fasteners from you if mine get worn?

A. No, you may use any equivalent #12 x 2″ screw or 3.5″ 16d galvanized or duplex nail.