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Guardian 30801 Water Filled EcoAnchor




  • A water filled neoprene counterweight fall arrest anchor system,
  • Sold individually as a single point fall arrest anchor or
    in a kit with Guardian’s 2-Person 80′ Temporary Horizontal Lifeline Fall
    Arrest Anchor System.
  • This anchor has been tested and approved for use on a wide variety of low slope roof surfaces.
  • Weighs less than 17 pounds when empty and comes with a carry bag for stowing.
  • Requires no holes to be drilled in mounting surface.
  • No heavy weights need to be lifted to the mounting surface.
  • Installs within eight to ten minutes which is much faster than traditional more expensive counterweight systems.
  • Composed of fire resistant neoprene
  • Surface Contact Dimensions: 4’4″ x 4’4″
  • Weighs 17 pounds empty and 947 pounds when full
  • Puncture Resistant

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