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PRO+ Wind Energy Harness

The SafeWaze Pro+ Wind Energy Fall Protection Harness is built to meet the extreme demands of the industry including lightweight hardware, extra soft padding and convenient front rescue/climbing D-Ring.

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  • 1 Dorsal D-ring
  • 2 Side D-rings for positioning
  • 1 Chest rescue D-Ring
  • Quick-connect chest buckle
  • Backrest ergonomically designed to improve comfort and support
  • Design prevents neck irritation and shoulder strap slip
  • Lightweight aluminum hardware
  • No tangle D-ring pad reduces web knotting and relieves D-ring back pressure
  • Free floating comfort back pad
  • Grommet legs and belt
  • Front lanyard keepers
  • Convenient lanyard keepers
  • Fall arrest indicators
  • 420 lb. weight capacity
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